Apr 21, 2023

How to use a knitting loom

Yarn crafts such as knitting and crochet are seeing a huge rise in popularity, with crafters all over the world creating beautiful projects for their homes and wardrobes.

And there is even a way to create beautiful knitting projects without needles – and that's by using a knitting loom.

It's a really satisfying and speedy way to build up a knitting project, and so easy to learn. If you already know how to knit, knitting with a loom is a great new yarn craft to learn.

You can pick up a knitting loom in your local craft shop – it usually comes with the hook and darning needle also required for a knitting loom project. Then all you need to do is pick your favourite yarn as usual.

To use your knitting loom, you thread your yarn around the pegs, which forms the same stitches as if you had cast it onto a knitting needle.

You can then work in the round on your loom to create round shapes like socks or hats, or back and forth to create a straight piece which can be worked into a scarf or blanket.

The work will appear out of the bottom of the loom (like a larger version of a French knitting dolly).

There are so many options for beautiful makes with your knitting loom. It's a brilliant way to work up squares to sew together to create a knitted blanket or scarf.

Or you could use a smaller loom to quickly make socks or a hat in the round.

Knitting looms are a craft trend which has taken over the internet. Crafters across the world have been sharing their loom love on social media.

Tori Thurman shared her beanie created on a knitting loom on TikTok, explaining that she had never knitted before but found that learning on a loom was a great place to start.

If you'd like to try a more advanced knitting loom project, why not create something for your wardrobe, like Abby Slenks did on TikTok. She created a beautiful striped jumper in blue and green yarns.

Fluff Knitting showed off their chunky scarf knitted on a rectangular loom on TikTok. Using zig-zag stitches, they used the loom to create a really striking design.

If you're using an Afghan loom, you can quickly create beautiful knitted blankets. Mo Mottinger shared her grey blanket creation on TikTok, made using an Afghan loom.

So what are you waiting for – start a brilliant project on a knitting loom today!

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