Apr 30, 2023

Jason Markk Launches a Premium Hat Care Kit

What makes Jason Markk's Hat Care Kit worth talking about –– by Gear Patrol Studios.

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Most sneakerheads, leather-lovers and true fans of gear fans know and maintain a steady shoe-care routine. But what are they doing to protect their favorite hats?

Any premium accessory made of suede or leather deserves a little extra attention. Similarly, collectors’ edition hats will require you to take maintenance seriously, to ensure you’re keeping your piece in the best shape possible.

Luckily, Jason Markk is making it easy to quickly learn and adopt a new hat care routine. With 15 years of quality shoe care to its name, the brand has now released a new Hat Care Kit that retails for just $25. The kit comes with everything you’ll need to clean and protect your hats for years to come, and may be all you need to preserve your favorite purchases.

Jason Markk has risen to fame as one of the most trusted brands in premium shoe care. The company initially launched around a single product: The Premium Shoe Cleaner. Over the last decade, that natural, biodegradable solution has earned the brand countless fans and paved the way for innovation after innovation. Now, the company is ready to introduce a hat care line.

Today, Jason Markk's mission is, "Care for the things you care most about." The company's new solution is specifically formulated for hats, and designed for a variety of materials. With products in stores around the globe – including Bergdorf Goodman, Kith, Nordstrom, END, Foot Locker and Mr. Porter – fans can trust Jason Markk to know their way around your most prized hats, shoes and accessories.

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Jason Markk's new Hat Care Kit is built around a Ready-To-Use Hat Cleaner that can be used on materials like cotton, wool, felt, corduroy, polyester and more. The natural Hat Cleaner is also biodegradable, as Jason Markk is in fact Certified Ultimate Biodegradable. The product can – and should – be used with the kit's Premium Cleaning Brush. The tool boasts soft hog bristles designed for cleaning delicate hat materials, and can also be used dry for daily maintenance.

In addition to the Hat Care Kit's staple products, new users can also turn to some of the brand's other fan favorites to further protect their hats. For example, the brand's ‘Repel’ solution is a water-based propellent free formula that creates a durable barrier on top of your hat. It can be used on suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, cotton, knits and other absorbent materials to protect your piece from liquids and stains.

Similarly, the team's Microfiber Towel can be used to gently clean your favorite hats, and offers a faster and gentler way to dry your piece after an initial scrub. Each microfiber is finer than a single strand of human hair. Consequently, each towel is equipped with millions of microscopic hooks that capture dirt and dust for a lint-free finish.

While the core Hat Care Kit offers reliable care for the majority of hats, fans interested in protecting suede goods should scoop up the brand's Premium Suede Cleaning Kit. Available for just $15, the Suede Kit is designed to gently – and effectively – remove dirt without damaging your belongings.

Armed with this and the core kit, you’ll be ready for anything.

These products are designed for those who’ve ever hesitated to break out their favorite flat brim. For the fans who’ve considered buying a cowboy hat, suede baseball cap, or beret simply because the upkeep seems too complicated. Now, equipped with Jason Markk's reliable products, you can make every hat dream a reality.

Price: $25