Jul 09, 2023

One Piece's Final Saga Should Finally Make Vivi a Straw Hat

One Piece is now making some massive reveals for the Final Saga of Eiichiro Oda's long running manga series with its latest chapters, and one thing that would really help it all come full circle at the end would be to finally make Princess Vivi Nefertari an official member of the Straw Hat crew after all these years! While fans have seen some major fan favorites joining up with Luffy's crew over the decades of the One Piece manga and anime so far, one of the biggest early on surprises and goodbyes came from Vivi deciding not to join the crew.

But like as seen with Yamato at the tail end of the Wano Country arc, and Jinbe during the Whole Cake Island arc before that, when Luffy extends an invitation to join the Straw Hats it usually lasts for a long time until that person is ready to join. With some of the big reveals in the newest chapter of the One Piece manga making Vivi a more important character than ever before (and tying her together with Luffy for good measure), one way to help it all come to a fantastic end is if Vivi joins the Straw Hat as one of the final official members of the crew heading towards the final island.

One Piece Chapter 1085 reveals what actually happened to King Cobra during the Reverie, and it's explained that the Nefertari family is actually a family that has inherited the Will of D as well. Spanning all the way from Queen Lily 800 years ago, it's revealed that their family carries the D. initial as well. There's still no explanation as to what it means, but one of King Cobra's final requests to Sabo at the Reverie was so to send a new message to Lily and Luffy that they both carry the Will of D.

Vivi's currently running away from the Marines, but there's likely a point where she will cross paths with Luffy once more. When this happens, she'll no longer have King Cobra and likely Alabasta will be under duress due to the Government continuing their massive cover up. With no other choices and a clear connection to one of the series' biggest mysteries, Vivi should join up with the Straw Hats for real and help get to the root of the world in some major ways.

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