Apr 20, 2023

PHOTOS: Every New UNI VRS Merchandise Item Featuring 'Jaws,' Classic Monsters, & More with Prices in Silver Screen Store at Universal Studios Florida

UNI VRS has taken over the Silver Screen store at Universal Studios Florida, featuring a new line of merchandise for "Jaws," "E.T.," Universal Monsters, and other fan-favorite intellectual properties at Universal Orlando Resort.

Silver Screen in Universal Studios Florida has been taken over by UNI VRS. This collection and the store debuted at Universal Hollywood last year.

New artwork adorns the walls within the space.

Many of Universal's most celebrated intellectual properties are represented in either the artwork or the available merchandise.

A range of attire for many style preferences is available.

Felix the Cat fans may be excited to see the variety of new merchandise available for this vintage character.

The artwork features models wearing many of the items from the merchandise line.

This is a white tee shirt with an image of E.T. on the front in black and white.

The back reads: "Phone Home," in reference to the famous movie line.

The second shirt available for this intellectual property is a gray gradient tee with an image of the movie's protagonists on their bicycles, silhouetted against the night sky.

The back is blank.

The image is grainy, as though it is meant to look like a movie still.

The film's logotype is printed on the front.

The next "E.T." shirt available is a white long-sleeved tee.

A stylized cartoon version of E.T. is on the back of the shirt.

A similar graphic with a matching colorful style is printed smaller on the front.

The printed graphic features a varied and bright palette.

The image represents children on bicycles.

A tee shirt and a Tubbz duck figurine are available.

Doc and Marty McFly pose with their backs to the camera for this image.

A radiation symbol is on the back of the shirt.

The graphic is a high contrast, black and white image.

Doc Brown has also been modeled into a cosplaying duck.

His white hair and signature glasses sit atop the duck's smirking expression.

Several other characters from "Back to the Future" are available in this collectible line of figures.

The figure is part of the Tubbz toy line.

A sleeveless black tee shirt with Dracula posing fiercely in front of lightning is part of the Universal's Monsters attire merchandise.

Also part of this line is a "Bride of Frankenstein" tee shirt.

Elizabeth Frankenstein is pictured with roses, lightning, and a full moon.

A pale pink, long-sleeved tee promotes a showing of "Jaws" by Universal and Amblin Entertainment.

The back reads: "Any shark expert will tell you it's a killer, a Man-Eater."

A black long-sleeved tee shows three images of Jaws in the ocean, his mouth held wide-open.

A hooded sweatshirt is also available. The "Jaws" logotype is written across the top in red, with a collage of images portraying the iconic monster shark below. A silhouette of a broken boat is also pictured near the bottom hem of the garment.

The sweatshirt is hooded with matching drawstrings.

In a sketchy print, it reads: "Deep Fear, Don't Go In the Water, Gonna Need a Bigger Boat."

Next to the ruined boat is bright red block text that reads "This is not a boat accident!"

A bright blue and red anime-inspired "Jaws" button up shirt is also available.

If you’re interested in the Loungefly backpack or handback peeking into the corners of these photos, check out our write up about them here. They went out of stock for a while, but are back in the shop now.

The print features images of an angry great white shark and swimmers in mortal danger.

The pattern is illustrated to look like a comic book.

A "Bite Me" trucker's cap is also available. It is primarily red, white and blue.

A blue and white Amity Island Swim Club tee shirt is also part of the new "Jaws" merchandise.

It reads EST 1975, the year of the movie's release.

These bright red shorts with a white line drawing print pattern and a matching drawstring have a "Jaws" tag along the bottom hem.

They also feature side-hem pockets.

A gray, blue and white tie-dye shirt with the "Jaws" logotype printed in the center is ready for purchase as well.

The tie-dye pattern continues on the back.

Next up is a white windbreaker with a quarter-zip front close and white drawstrings.

On the back, "JAWS" is painted in red along the shoulders.

The great white shark also has stylized paint detailing along his teeth and snout.

The front reads "Amity Island Shark Tours."

The graphics on this garment are red, white and blue.

A white tank top reads "Trolls Unique" along the top in purple.

The back reads: "My uniqueness makes me special."

An illustration of a troll with matching purple hair is mirrored on the front and back.

The next trolls garment is a green and black tie-dyed shirt that reads: "Let your colors shine," substituting the "o" in colors for a multi-hued flower.

The troll is also holding a flower in its hand.

The back features the same tie-dye pattern, but no printed troll image.

Flowers pattern the sleeves as well.

A matching pair of sweatpants utilize the same tie-dye colors, font and text as the shirt above.

Identical orange, fuchsia, and chartreuse flowers pattern the bottom of the pant leg.

A similar graphic is also available on a black cropped hoodie with a raw bottom edge.

This long-sleeved white tee shirt has cheerful red flowers along both sleeves and on the front.

The front reads: "Illumination Presents Minions: Global Artist Collaboration."

A Minion eye logo patch is sewn near the bottom of the shirt.

Next up is a pair of gray jogger sweatpants.

A yellow Minion eye patch is attached to one of the back pockets.

A variety of outlined characters are patterned on the pants.

This white tee shirt with yellow stripes and dark blue contrast hems has a banana on the front breast.

A Minion eye logo patch is sewn near the bottom hem as well.

The banana is embroidered.

Here is a pair of dark blue pants with white contrast stitching.

The pants include a carpenter's loop and a yellow Minion eye logo patch on one of the back pockets.

Other utility pockets are also included in the design.

The pants close with a front zipper.

A powder blue tee with Minions written in yellow script also has a small eye logo patch near the bottom hem.

The back features an image of a Minion enjoying a rollerblading session.

Minions and rainbows pattern this sky blue canvas bucket hat.

Bananas, clouds, flowers and eyes also feature prominently.

The detail stitching is blue as well.

Three flowers are embroidered onto the front of this dark blue tank top in yellow, pale blue and pink.

The same flowers are embroidered onto the front of this brown corduroy cap.

The back has a Minion eye logo patch sewn onto the seam.

This tee features a Minion on a motorcycle alongside other characters on a gray to white gradient.

The graphics are colorful and stylized.

Next up is a bright red and white trucker hat.

A Minion and a smiling flower are embroidered onto the front.

Another hat features a Minion standing solo.

This hat is solid black with black stitching.

A navy blue and yellow track jacket features the same graphic as the long-sleeved tee above.

An appliqué of a Minion standing alongside a flower decorates the back.

The text is embroidered onto the jacket's front.

Yellow contrast piping lines the sleeves.

White crew socks are up next.

They feature a Minion along the ankle ribbing.

A green pair of socks are also part of this merchandise line up.

One of the red flowers decorates the ribbing on this sock variety.

Yellow stripes sit atop embroidered Minion eyes on a white sock here.

The eyes are on both sides of the sock.

A rollerblading Minion decorates the top of this powder-blue sock.

He is sporting blue headphones and pink overalls.

For the last pair of socks, there is a pink version with a banana detail embroidered near the top cuff.

A Tubbz cosplaying duck figure is dressed as Stuart on this toy.

Bob is also part of this collection.

A new "Jurassic Park" cardigan is available at this shop as well. It is a sage green color with the Jurassic Park logo embroidered on the breast. Additional Jurassic Park merchandise can be found at the Tribute Store. Make sure to check out the overview here.

The cardigan also features pockets on the front.

If you haven't watched our Tribute Store tour, watch the video below.

Next is a pink Casper the Friendly Ghost tee shirt.

The image's perimeter reads: "Seeing Is Believing."

This black tee has a graphic for "Richie Rich" in the center.

The back features an illustration of Richie Rich at a grand piano with several dollar signs incorporated into the image.

Diamonds glitter as the dots for the letter "I" in the logotype.

A new long-sleeved tee for "The Fast and the Furious" has an acid-washed appearance.

The sleeves are decorated with additional logotypes and iconography from the franchise.

Crossed wrenches are also featured.

The sleeve reads "Wild Speed," the name for the franchise in Japan.

A blue car sits amongst golden lightning on the front of the shirt.

John Bender is pictured here from "The Breakfast Club," with the line "Eat. My. Shorts." printed beneath, which is a phrase he utters to Principal Vernon during the memorable detention session portrayed in the film.

The role was played by Judd Nelson.

The shirt has several holes intentionally placed throughout the fabric.

A collection of cartoons on DVD is also for sale here.

It contains twelve discs.

Quite a few new items have been released for the Felix the Cat character franchise.

First up, we have dark gray cardigan with red stripes on the collar.

Felix the Cat is embroidered onto the front of the sweater.

The tag also bears the face of Felix.

This red crewneck sweater has a pattern of Felix the Cat making different facial expressions.

The pattern continues across the back as well.

A pair of brown drawstring pants are also available in this line.

These cargo pants feature an image of Felix over one of the side pockets.

This graphic is embroidered onto the pants.

Next up is a black and white plaid flannel shirt.

Two pockets on the front close with a button flap.

Felix the Cat's smiling face is embroidered onto the pocket.

He is also featured on the tag.

This blue and taupe cardigan has a deep V neckline and large, dark blue buttons.

Felix the Cat is embroidered onto the sweater.

A black and white knitted beanie is also part of this line up.

This hat features the same pattern as the red sweater above. It can be folded to different lengths to accommodate your preferred fit.

There is a seam along the back.

A flannel bucket hat matches the fabric of the plaid shirt shown above. A patch on the front shows Felix atop a blue, green and red background with sparkles. He smiles and looks towards the sky with his arms outstretched.

A fabric band in the same pattern also lines the top of the hat's brim.

The interior has a repeating pattern of Felix the Cat in a variety of poses. It also bears splashes of color in yellow, orange, blue, red and green.

On this black hooded sweatshirt, Felix the Cat rides a motorcycle with a serious expression on his face. It reads "Worldwide, EST. 1919."

Next up is a mustard-yellow cropped crewneck sweater with an all-over pattern.

An appliqué is also attached to the front of the garment, as well as a branding tag atop the bottom ribbing.

This button down shirt is made of faded denim.

The back has an image of Felix the Cat looking in multiple directions at once.

White buttons line the front.

A Felix the Cat branding tag is affixed to the bottom of the shirt.

This sheer green shirt has a ruffled sleeve and bottom hem. It reads "FELIX" in scattered white block letters and is peppered with images of the cat's face. It is completely see-through.

This skirt is made of the same sheer material as the shirt above.

A black liner is attached to the interior of the skirt, but it is still easy to see through.

This checkered skirt is also available.

It has an accordion fold with brown and black checks alongside Felix the Cat's face placed at intervals.

This cropped sweater vest features a houndstooth pattern on the front and back.

A Felix the Cat tag is attached to the bottom.

The cartoon cat's face is also embroidered to the top right side of the sweater. The neck and arms are ribbed in black.

A black corduroy ball cap has a smiling Felix in the center of the hat.

The back is unadorned.

Felix the Cat also has socks as part of this merchandise line. These match the skirt above in a pale brown with a black checkered pattern.

Felix's face is embroidered onto the sock as well.

This scarf sports a black and brown checkered pattern too.

Felix the Cat is making a variety of faces within the pattern.

A pair of jogger-style sweatpants come in a brown color with Felix's face embroidered onto one of the legs.

Pockets are available along the side seams.

The drawstrings match the color of the pants’ fabric.

This black and white striped tee also has a Felix the cat appliqué in the center as well as a sewn patch attached to the bottom hem.

Next up is a white polo shirt with a red, white and blue striping pattern along the sleeves and collar.

Red buttons adorn the top closure.

A Felix the Cat appliqué is attached here.

This dark gray tee reads: "Felix Tennis Club, From Silent to Sound, Serving Drip Since 1919."

An oversized red tee shirt has street art styling on the front and back.

The back has white graffiti lettering with Felix standing nearby.

The cat holds a can of spray paint.

The front reads "Felix" in white.

This red crewneck sweatshirt has a terrycloth appliqué on the front.

The appliqué reads "Felix" in black script atop a white background.

This terrycloth vest is white with red striping details along the neckline, arms, and bottom ribbing.

A large appliqué of Felix is on the back.

"Felix" is embroidered in red script on the front.

A pair of matching terrycloth shorts are also available.

They feature white shoelace draw strings.

Next up is a track jacket with "Felix" embroidered in red on the front.

The jacket is black and white with an all-over pattern printed in white.

The zipper is black as well.

White stripes decorate the bottom ribbing.

Matching track pants are also available.

The same patch as the jacket is affixed to the back of the pants.

White stripes decorate the ribbing on this garment as well.

These shorts feature a twist on a houndstooth pattern.

The twist of course, is a repeating image of Felix the Cat's smiling face.

They feature side pockets and a black drawstring.

Black shorts are also available in this line.

These shorts have side pockets and an all-over print pattern.

This button up shirt has the same pattern as the shorts above.

Felix the Cat tumbles across the shirt in a variety of poses.

This item is a red cropped and hooded sweatshirt.

The center graphic has "Classic Felix the Cat" printed around an image of his face.

A dark gray satin pajama shirt is available as well. It features white contrast piping.

Felix peeks out of the front pocket.

This tee shirt is pale pink and is sized for adults.

Felix looks like he's falling in this graphic.

"Felix" is embroidered in red on the sleeve.

This white beanie has an all over ribbing pattern and a tag with Felix's smiling face affixed to the edge.

Will you be adding any of this Universal merchandise to your collection? What do you think of the new store takeover? We’d like to see your opinions in the comments below.

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