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There are a few wardrobe staples that I consider must-haves for any summer wardrobe, and a wide-brim hat ranks in my top three. I firmly believe that, contrary to popular belief, there's a wide-brim hat out there for everyone — the real work comes in finding the right shape and material to fit your style and head shape.

Every year, whether going on a short summer vacation somewhere tropical or heading on a weekend trip to the beach, I grab a wide-brim hat for two reasons. Firstly, they add an instant style boost to anything you wear from the neck down, whether a simple white tee and shorts or a linen shirt and chinos. And secondly, they protect you from the sun. The wider the brim, the better the coverage (more on this below).

Lack of Color is one of my favorite hat brands that always delivers on all fronts. From packaging and quality to comfort and sun protection, they’re a 10/10 across the board.

Below, I’ve listed my three favorite wide-brim hats from the brand with a brief explanation of why they pass my test with flying colors. From the perfect straw hat for your beachside vacation to a classic black fedora that pairs well with anything and has the sturdiest brim I’ve ever seen, there's something here for everyone.

Before purchasing any of these hats, measure your head using Lack of Color's Size Guide to ensure you get the perfect size so the hat falls where you’d like.

I recently shared how much I loved the Palma Boater during my recent Joshua Tree road trip, and I can't stop raving about this versatile wide-brim hat.

Handmade in Mexico, this 100% baked palm leaf hat is perfect for your next trip to any hot climate. This particular style (my favorite) has a boater crown and a tightly woven pressed palm that looks sleek and clean.

What I love most about this wide-brim hat is that it also hits the ball out of the park regarding sun protection. The Palma Boater has the highest achievable sun protective rating (UPF 50+) for fabrics, offering unbeatable sun protection and incredible comfort for any head shape thanks to its inner elastic sweatband.

It comes in two sizes (S-M and L-XL).

While the Palma Boater is extremely versatile, it is a bit casual. I love Lack of Color's Pierre Fedora for those more polished looks requiring more effort. I recently paired this wide brim hat with some tan Bonobos chinos and my favorite Banana Republic linen shirt, and the result was the perfect effortless summer look.

This fedora combines timeless design with a nod to vintage men's style with the classic fedora crown and grosgrain ribbon. This is one of my favorite wide brim hats of all time, though, because of its flicked edge and super sturdy brim that is almost impossible to bend.

The Pierre Fedora has a shorter brim than most super wide-brim fedoras, so it's a much more approachable style for those who just want to step their toe into this new trend. And, like the Boater, it has a UPF 50+ rating.

It comes in five sizes (S to XXL) and three colors.

This one's for those who love the drama! The Melodic Fedora is just as attention-grabbing as it is simple. This has the widest brim of the three and is, ironically, the most understated in terms of its design.

Available in black and ivory, this is Lack of Color's first hat without a trim. It has a classic wide brim and a firm-fitting fedora silhouette with a flicked edge that pairs perfectly with an all-black outfit.

Best of all, though, the super wide brim is rock hard and doesn't bend unless you use extreme force, making this one of the most sustainable wide-brim hats you’ll find anywhere.

It also has a UPF 50+ rating and comes in five sizes (S to XXL).

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