Jul 13, 2023

Annmarie O'Connor: 12 stylish hats to protect your head from sunburn

Bucket hats for summer sunshine.

It can't be helped. Using the word ‘sunny’ in conjunction with phrases like ‘all week’ or ‘high temperatures’, may cause lapses in common sense, commonly known as sunburn.

Releasing bare limbs from the bondage of winter woollies has that effect.

Pro-user tip: Before indulging in the cropped, mini, sheer or conspicuously absent, treat yourself first to one of these 12 entrance-making hats and be the ultimate head mistress.

Being shady never looked so good.


1. Seersucker bucket hat, H&M, €19.99

2. Raffia hat with ribbon, Zara, €29.95

3. Raffia wide brim hat, Zara, €59.95

4. Straw sun visor, Arket, €35

5. ‘Figolu' hat, Soeur, €65

6. Mango x Simon Miller natural fibre maxi hat, Mango, €59.99

7. Leather-trimmed straw hat, Arket, €59

8. Painted trim straw hat, Anthropologie, €58

9. Packable braided straw visor, Madewell, €36

10. Packable braided straw hat, Madewell, €51

11. M&S Collection floral crochet bucket hat, M&S, €24

12. Braided bucket hat, Parfois, €29.99


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