Mar 30, 2023

Woman shares alleged 'violating' experience at Alpine Target

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WALKER, Michigan — A woman says she felt violated after someone pointed a camera at her while in a dressing room at the Target on Alpine Avenue in Walker.

The Walker Police Department has not corroborated her account with 13 ON YOUR SIDE, but she claims she gave a statement to the police about what happened.

TikTok user havannaooonana, who did not want her real name publicized, says she was bringing clothes into the dressing room area when she noticed a man she had previously seen in a different section of the store.

"This time, I thought he looked a lot more suspicious than the first time. He had a mustache, he was wearing a baseball cap," she said in the video. "The most sketchy thing he was holding a black Bridge Street Market, just a reusable grocery bag."

She thought the bag was strange, as Bridge Street Market is nowhere near the Alpine Target.

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The woman says she was just minutes into trying on clothes when she noticed something in the mirror — the same Bridge Street Market bag with two quarter-sized holes and camera lenses inside them beneath her dressing room door.

"I was instantly like, very taken back," she said. "I wasn't sure if I was seeing it correctly."

She says her first instinct was to place her leg in front of it. When she did, the bag was removed.

She says she got dressed and tried to find a Target employee.

"I'm like quickly looking to see if I recognize the guy," she explained. "And sure enough, I see him he had booked it like halfway down the backside of the Target."

She says as soon as she made eye contact with the alleged suspect, he went running.

She found a Target employee, who called security. They found out the man had left the store. She says she then gave her statement to the police.

"I was extremely shaken up and felt very violated," she said.

She believes she was not the only victim.

"They had found out that he was in the store for two hours and had been in the dressing rooms and out doing the same thing to other women," she said.

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Walker Police shared Tuesday they are looking to identify a person of interest involved in a "suspicious incident" near the dressing rooms at that Target location from June 1.

Later in the day, they said they have identified the man.

The man was wearing a gray henley shirt and a gray baseball hat. He was considered a person of interest in the investigation.

Walker Detective Sgt. Joel Bartels said he's aware of TikToks being shared of strange encounters at the Alpine Target, but said there's only one open police report at this time.

Police are working with Target, and said security shared surveillance video and other reports with detectives.

Bartels says being vigilant is the easiest way to stay safe.

"If you go out anywhere, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to who's around you. And again, if someone is approaching you and talking to you in a way that's making you feel uncomfortable, you should leave. Don't be afraid to be rude and tell that person you don't want to talk to them. Turn your back on them and walk away. Go find an employee, and tell them what's going on. Call the police. We're more than happy to come up there and help even if it's not criminal," he said.

"I just wanted to warn people and always trust your first instinct and be on the lookout," the Tik Tok user said.

13 ON YOUR SIDE has reached out to Target for comment. They said the following:

The safety of our guests and team members is our top priority, and we’ll continue to provide the Walker Police Department with anything needed for their investigation.

If you can help, you're asked to the Walker PD Tip Line at 616-791-6788 or Silent Observer with any information.

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