Oct 01, 2023

Ranking NoHo Hank's Best Looks on "Barry"

I have a confession to make: I’m painfully late to the Barry game. You see, I love a good murder show — in fact, save for Succession you’d be hard-pressed to get me to watch a show that doesn't have at least one murder. But I’m not someone who likes my murder contextualized by humor; I like the gritty dark stuff that crawls under your skin and slowly erodes your faith in humanity — because I’m just a fun-loving gal like that.

So while the premise of Barry, on its face, seemed up my alley, I was put off by the comedic elements at play. That was until I started to hear rumblings about the menswear on the show — on one character in particular, NoHo Hank, played by Anthony Carrigan. Because the only thing I love more than murder is good menswear. So I figured "why not?" and finally gave the show a try.

I devoured all three seasons plus what we’ve seen so far of four in a matter of days, and I’ll admit — even for its comedy, it's a good murder show. More than that though, Hank's style? Unreal. And it's such a striking and nuanced display of how character development and costume design are inextricably woven, thanks to the way NoHo Hank's clothing becomes louder and more original as the seasons charge on, while he still retains some of his key staples — his polo shirts, for example — through the most recent episodes.

And so in honor of the show's style icon, and as a sort of penance for doubting the show for so long, I broke down some of my favorite NoHo Hank looks.

Only two episodes into the series, Hank is starting to demonstrate the style sense of someone with particular and at times peculiar tastes, but somehow it all sort of works on him. This look is both retro and cool; the blue polo gives a sort of gangster knit feel (we see him in a lot of polos to this effect) while the leather jacket adds an air of toughness and cool, but his dress trousers and belt betray the easy unaffected relaxation of his upper half and reveal a slightly more status-conscious and formal aspiration.

Another season one masterpiece, this outfit has so many subtle details that have landed it on this list, starting with the trousers — gray with a faint navy windowpane, they’re simple enough, but that slight pattern makes them look oh so slightly more expensive and styled. The lightweight pink shirt is an odd pairing with them, but somehow it works. Finally, he finishes the look off with a jacket that almost looks like a super fine valor, or a lush jersey — it's not exactly in step with the formality of the rest of his look, but again, it works because it's, well, on NoHo Hank. Finally, his onyx black pinky ring, like his knit polos, is a classic gangster must-have.

Season two is when we start to see Hank's style really become distinctive, and this all-white look was really quite a statement. Slim-cut white jeans and a short sleeve linen shirt with a tonal pattern, finished with a pair of brown dress shoes, make this look a standout.

This outfit is not really that special — just a simple black tee with a camouflage quilted vest (admittedly so far it's actually kinda douchey). But then he has the audacity to top it all off with a wool beret? A BERET? Yeah, absolutely one of this best looks of the entire series.

"Barry" is back, shifting between goofy laughs and gruesome murders with shocking ease

Season 3 starting off strong for Hank in the sartorial department with this outfit that can only be described as an ode to a creamsicle. Tucked into tight, low-rise white jeans is a color-blocked orange and white polo; the front placket is a pastel orange with a slight ribbing, and the back and sleeves are completely white. But under the all-white bomber jacket he wears over it, all that you see is that soft orange which makes the outfit look almost like a weird casual version of a white suit with an orange shirt underneath. I’m into it, and I cannot explain why.

Another look that incorporates pastel — in this episode Hank rocks an ombre pink and blue short sleeve button-down. Instead of going for a bold white pant and jacket combo though, this time he offsets the soft bright pink of the shirt with a simple pair of navy pants and a navy bomber jacket.

As we’ve established, Hank never met a gangster knit he didn't like, and this mint green one with a subtle texture and a zip-up instead of button-up collar is possibly my favorite in the entire series. He pairs it with simple (but tight, as always) navy trousers and his Rolex Datejust, which we see on him pretty often.

Yet another fantastic knit polo; this powder blue one with a white color-block button and collar and dark blue tonal stitching is just… chef's kiss. So good. The only reason it drops below the aforementioned mint green number as my favorite is the fact that he styled it with a flat brim cap.

It's no secret that season four is really when Hank has gone from being a fashionable character to a style icon, and this outfit in the season premiere is all the proof I really needed to know that to be true: The wide brim, felt hat. The rimless rectangular frames complete with a gold chain glasses lanyard. Then there's this Southwestern-style poncho — I could write a literal thesis about this single piece. It is everything.

Another banner fashion episode for Hank, and I want to talk specifically about the jacket he wears throughout. Structurally it's relatively simple — a shirt jacket style in what looks like to be a medium weight. But the pattern? The pattern is just… so good. Geometric shades of blue cover the fabric, and no small detail is spared as even the buttons are covered in a tonal color. And he of course wears it over his signature polo.

"Barry" isn't the only show to prominently feature the arcade chain

Another polo shirt shoutout — this one is like if the Disney movie Hercules had a merch line and they sold a polo shirt as part of it. The sharp contrast between the black and orange in a Versace-like pattern is so over-the-top and so damn fun. I typically like Hank when he sticks to cool tones or pastels, but this is one of the times when a bold color and pattern really did the trick.

Finally, in the greatest outfit of all four seasons, Hank sports a lush green three-piece suit (I would wager a linen and wool blend) with an abstract silky button-down underneath. This look is so delicious, I want it made into cake so I can eat it — and it's not just because of the rich colors and how perfectly they complement each other; it's because this suit is perfectly — and I mean perfectly — tailored. It's a feast for the eyes.

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