Aug 18, 2023

Statement Hats Will Be Spring's Biggest Accessory Trend


Throughout time, there have been debates about the importance of fashion. Some find it ripe with frivolity. Others see it as a pivotal part of the culture woven into society's fabric. While my own beliefs fall into the latter, I can sometimes understand why others may consider the matter of sartorial choices less than serious. There are, after all, so many new trends that can feel "unnecessary" at a time when so much is happening in the world that requires our attention. And while I'm an ardent believer in the importance of staying informed, I have to admit that one trend is top of mind for me: statement hats.

Of course, hats have been around for centuries, and every few seasons, we see a specific style surge in popularity again. Nevertheless, as designers released their spring 2023 collections, it became evidently clear that this trend was demanding our attention. Across the board, over-the-top and often oversize hats that some might even describe as "frivolous" were spotted at various fashion houses. It was, in a way, the greatest indication of the times—with so many things in the world fighting to be noticed, of course, the most attention-seeking accessory trend would emerge.

So to chronicle that emergence, I've done a deep dive through recent runway collections and Instagram imagery to show how statement hats managed to catch our awareness again. Plus, I've identified the six hat styles that will be big this spring. Prepare to embrace your inner drama queen because these hats will demand them to heed.

On the Runway


As previously stated, we saw statement hats take center stage in various spring 2023 collections and even earlier in the fall. In fact, the first indication that oversize hats would emerge again was during Schiaparelli's unveiling of its fall couture collection. The atelier sent woven wide-brim boater hats down the runway, some adorned with feathers, veils, and even lavender. That show cemented for me that big hats would make a comeback, and S/S 23 collections proved me right. We saw oversize raffia-adorned hats at Jacquemus, nón lá hats made from popcorn fabric at Chet Lo, and floppy hats with extra fabric at Christian Siriano. But it's not just designers embracing this trend; we've seen the fashion set slowly wearing more statement hats too.

On the Fashion Set


While it's not news to say hats are back (they are a staple, after all), it is safe to say that they have begun to catch our collective attention and imagination again. You can see how hats have begun to be top of mind for the fashion set again through more dramatic styles like balaclavas, cowboy hats, wide-brim fedoras, and oversize floppy hats. The embrace of this trend, both on the streets and on the runways, has shown there's no shortage of ways to wear this accessory. But if you're still not sold on the trend as a whole, you'll want to keep scrolling to see which noteworthy hat styles could convert you to the cause.

Keep scrolling to see which noteworthy hat styles you should be shopping for this season.

1. Sleek Fedora Hats


Don't be fooled; these aren't the fedora hats of the past. We saw designers embrace a sleeker version of this silhouette by using luxurious fabrications (see: Balmain's woven and leather versions) along with wider brims and more exciting colors.

2. Bold Boater Hats


Often referred to as gangster caps or boater hats, this silhouette has been around for decades. But the newer versions we saw of it in the S/S 23 collections of Moschino and Veronica Beard feel far from dated. Featuring wider brims, colors, and even hardware, this hat style feels brand-new (even if it's not actually).

3. Cool Cowboy hats


With other Western-inspired accessories trending over the past few seasons, it was only a matter of time before we saddled into the aesthetic fully by embracing cowboy hats. We saw the style across various S/S 23 collections, including Ralph Lauren and Casablanca. But what makes this trend something to be giddy about is all the different versions of this hat you can shop right now.

4. Quirky Crochet Hats


Crochet is, at this point, a perennial part of S/S 23 collections. But unlike the ready-to-wear crochet clothing we've seen in the past, we saw designers embrace it through hats instead. At Rejina Pyo, we saw a woven crochet cap, while Marrisa Wilson had one with beads attached. Each version of this hat trend had a quirky element that was subtle yet striking enough to catch anyone's eye.

5. Wide-Brim Cloche Hats


Over the past few seasons, bucket hats have played a huge role on and off the runways. And while the style has cemented itself as a staple, we'll see its close cousin the cloche hat takeover. Defined by its curved-in structure around the face, this hat was spotted on the S/S 23 runways (see: Adam Lippes and Dur Doux) and is arguably the easiest hat to embrace in this list as it's just a more dramatic take on the bucket-hat shape we've all come to know and love.

6. Extra-Large Woven Hats


And finally, the last prominent style we spotted on the S/S 23 runways was the extra-large woven. Of course, you can't really miss this trend on account of the fact it's so oversize and over the top. Nevertheless, the defining feature of this trend is that it's meant to embrace the frivolity of it all. As long as the hat was oversize and (ideally) woven, it didn't matter the color, shape, or how it was styled—it was just about it being the focal point. And in a world where there are so many serious things that constantly require our consciousness, it is nice to have just a moment to look up and have our vision shift to something fun, even if it's only for a second or this season.

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